Porsche Michelin Junior – Performance Camp 2024

To kick off the 2024 @porschemotorsportau Michelin Junior’s racing season we prepared a bespoke workshop to put them through their paces. A rigorous coaching and training program incorporating various physical and mindset challenges designed to challenged them in the moment and foster long-term growth and development. 

For this year’s camp we leveraged Coolangatta’s exceptional backdrop of sun and surf, hills and trails, gym facilities and recovery resources, allowing our team to assemble a complete package nurturing both body and mind.

Classroom sessions included physical and mental preparation, and motorsport engineering insights. Integrating all this together with the media team created some unique opportunities to reflect on their motorsport performance mindset. Through our ongoing support we’re looking forward to seeing these junior evolve into successful professional drivers.

With Round 1 of Carrera Cup complete, and Round 1 of the Sprint Challenge this weekend at Philip Island the juniors are fully equipped with the essential tools for their journey towards becoming successful professional racing car drivers.

Thanks also to @thcslsc1911 @actvcoolangatta @cure.coolangatta @bwtaustralia for helping to make the 2024 camp one to remember!

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